With a crossed list of influential musical genres, Flat City Folk have created a style all their own. The lyrical prose of writing duo, Phil Brake (guitar) and Donovan Locken (mandolin) combined with the steady continuity and structure of Lee Froese on bass, and the soaring harmonically driven violin of Aisha Belle, have created a sound that webs together elements of bluegrass, folk and country into a heartfelt hybrid that cannot be contained.

The stylized harmonies and lyrical storytelling are, however, not easily accomplished. The talented quartet have been working on their personal camaraderie since early childhood and although other band members have come and gone, the original three remain. Flat City Folk has its origins in humble beginnings but with a charming prairie twist. Donovan, Lee and Phil began their journey in a basement setting, playing along to rock bands such as Metallica, but it was with the request for a country-themed wedding band that FCF found its footing.

 Since 2012, the members of FCF have been in a state of constant evolution, incorporating various instruments such as the mandolin, the ukulele and upright bass,  and violin all while limiting their use of electronics on stage. This preference to smaller venues and bare-bone acoustic speak volumes towards the deeply personal and soulful songs that are meaningful to band members and audiences alike. They have also been making a name for themselves across the country by playing large-scale shows within the festival circuit, playing events such as the Shine On Music Festival, and the Coombs Bluegrass festival.